Running a Web Service using IIS 7.5

This tutorial shows how to publish a map to the web using Internet Information Services (IIS).

Suppose you have a project file Bremen.msnpx (see Examples) with your custom map styles. In order to publish it, you need to perform the following steps:

Step 1 Install IIS 7.5.

Step 2 Create a directory MSNWebService in C:\inetpub (location and folder name is optional).

Step 3 Copy the template of a web service from the folder {MapSurfer.NET Path}{Version}\Web\MapService or {MapSurfer.NET Path}{Version}\Web\ASP.NET (for versions greater than 2.0) to the folder MSNWebService.

Step 4 Open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.

Step 5 Create a new Application Pool with the name MSNPool. For this pool, set .NET CLR version to v4.0.30319.

Step 6 Go to Advanced Settings… of the application pool.

Step 7 In Identity field select an account that has enough rights. To avoid further problems with the permissions, it is recommended to select NetworkService account.

Step 8 Add new website with the name MSNWebService and MSNPool. Specify Physical path as C:\inetpub\MSNWebService. Set port, for example, to 8001.

Step 9 In the web.config file, edit the following parameters as:

<!-- MapSurfer.NET version -->
<add key="MapSurfer.Version" value="1.15" /> <- Set your installed version
<!-- Map service log file name -->
<add key="MapSurfer.ServiceLogFileName" value=" C:\inetpub\MSNWebService\Logs\ServiceLog.txt" />
<!-- Map service settings file name -->
<add key="MapSurfer.ServiceSettingsFileName" value="C:\inetpub\MSNWebService\Service1.msnwss" /> </appSettings>

Step 10 Open Service1.msnwss file, change elements ConfigFileName and LogFileName as follows:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<WebServicesSettings xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">
     <Description />
     <ConfigFileName>C:\inetpub\MSNWebService\tms_config.xml</ConfigFileName> <- Set full path
     <LogFileName> C:\inetpub\MSNWebService\Logs\ErrorLog_{0}.txt</LogFileName> <- Set full path
     <LogLevel>Error</LogLevel> <- to log more events use Verbose instead of Error.
     <ServiceName>WMTS Server</ServiceName>

Step 11 Change the settings for TiledMap element in tms_config.xml as:

<TileMap href="http://localhost:8001/tms.ashx">      <- your port number and .ashx handler

Note that this file can contain several tile maps with different urls. For each map, you need to specify href and create a corresponding .ashx handler.

Step 12 Set Full Control permissions to the folder C:\inetpub\MSNWebService\Logs for the web service user.

Step 13 To make sure the service is hosted correctly, open your browser and type localhost:8001/tms.ashx?x=0&y=0&z=0.