Import/Export Map Styles

This section describes the capabilites of MapSurfer.NET Studio to import or export map styles in/from different formats such as SLD (GeoServer, MapServer), CartoCSS (GeoServer, Mapnik) or MapServer's map file.

SLD Style Documents

The OpenGISĀ® Styled Layer Descriptor (SLD) and Symbology Encoding (SE) are two specifications designed to describe user-defined symbolization and coloring of geospatial data using an XML language.

For further reading on this topic, we highly recommend GeoServer's manual.

MapSurfer.NET Studio allows both importing and exporting SLD documents. Furthermore, it supports both versions of specification 1.0.0 and 1.1.0.

In order to export styles, you need to open/create a project. Once your project open, you can use Project Explorer to perform the required operation.

  1. Select a layer which you want to export.

  2. Make a right click on a selected layer to show a context menu.

  3. Select Import Styles -> SLD... menu item.

  1. In the Open dialog box, type the file name and select SLD version and units.

  1. Click Save.

To import styles into your project, repeat steps 1-3 given above.