MSNMapGen Utility

This tutorial describes how to generate raster (as a single file or tile cache) or vector maps using a console based application called MSNMapGen.

On Windows:

MSNMapGen.exe [Arguments]

On Linux:

./ [Arguments]


ArgumentShort formDescriptionMode
-help-hDisplay usage information.
-map-mThe path to a file that contains map styles (see MapSurfer.NET Studio).1,2
-size-sThe size of a map in pixels. Default value is 256x256.1
-output-oThe path to a file that is being generated. Default value is output.png.1
-format-fThe format of a file that is being generated. Default value is image/png. Other possible values are image/png24, image/png8, image/pnga, image/bmp, image/gif, image/jpeg, image/tiff.1
-renderer-rDefault value is GDI. Note: Cairo renderer is not supported on Linux yet.1
-bbox-bThe extent of a map region. The coordinates should be in the same projection as the map. Example: -bbox 959125.94,6339502.88, 972540.64,6349038.40.1
-tilecachegen-tcgThis file can be created using MapSurfer.NET Studio (see File > Export > Export To Web Format...)2

Mode 1 defines parameters used for generating single files. The parameters of Mode 2 are intended for tile cache generation.


The following example shows how to render a map of size 1000x1000 pixels and save it as a 8-bit png file.

MSNMapGen.exe -map bremen.msnpx -output D:\Temp\bremen.png -format image/png8 -size 1000,1000 -bbox "978380,6995502,982540,7000564"

Note: In order to allow creating spatial indices for shapefiles, write permissions must be set for the folder Samples/MapData. On Linux, you might need to install Tahoma font on your system.