PointSymbolizer specifies how to render graphic symbols for point-like objects such as peaks, airports, POIs, etc.


Parameter NameValue TypeDescriptionRequired
ClipBooleanSpecifies whether geometry is clipped to map bounds before rendering or not. Default value is False.No
GeometryExpressionStringSpecifies an expression to compute a geometry to be used in rendering. This parameter is optional. If it is not specified, a default geometry field of a data source is used.No
GraphicGraphicSpecifies the graphic object to be rendered.Yes
GridAlignmentBooleanSpecifies whether to align symbol to a pixel grid. Default value is True.Yes
LabelBehaviourLabelBehaviourSpecifiews the role and behaviour of a label.Yes
LabelPlacementLabelPlacementSpecifies the type of a label placement (e.g. point-like, linear or areal labeling style)No
PriorityExpressionExpressionSpecifies the priority of a label. Being an expression, this parameter allows to take values from a data source. For example, the value can be [field_priority], where field_priority is an attribute in the data source. Note, an expression must always return a numerical value.No
PaddingPointSpecifies spacing, in pixels, around the symbol which controls how close adjacent labels can be placed. Default value is (0,0).No


Graphic elements defines a graphic symbol, which can have either a raster or vector-graphic source type.


Parameter NameValue TypeDescriptionRequired
AngleSingleSpecifies the angle at which the graphic symbols is rotated. Default value is 0.No
DisplacementPointSpecifies a displacement of the graphic symbol from its original position. Default value is (0,0).No
GridAlignmentBooleanSpecifies whether to align symbol to a pixel grid. Default value is True.Yes
GraphicSymbolsGraphicSymbol[]Specifies a list of symbols that form the graphic symbol. By default, the list is empty.Yes
OpacityBooleanSpecifies the opacity of the graphic symbol. The range of values is [0,1], where value 0 - the symbol is transparent, value 1 - the symbol is completely opaque. Default value is 1.No
SizeSizeSpecifies the custom size of the graphic symbol. Default value is (0,0).No


LabelBehaviour element specifies the role and behavior of a label placement during candidate-position generation.


Parameter NameValue TypeDescriptionRequired
AllowOverlapBooleanSpecifies whether the label is allowed to overlap other labels.No
AvoidEdgesBooleanSpecifies whether the label is allowed to intersect boundaries of the map.No
CollisionDetectableBooleanSpecifies whether the label is considered as a candidate for a labeling algorithm. If not, the label will be simply rendered. Default value is True.No
CollisionMeasuresCollisionMeasure[]Specifies a list of collision measures.No
DropOnCollisionBooleanSpecifies whether to drop the label if any collision with other labels exists.No
IgnorePaddingBooleanSpecifies whether to ignore padding parameter of the map object or not.No
QualityFilterExpressionSpecifies an expression to filter labels by using quality functions.No