LineSymbolizer is used to represent linear features by applying a "stroke" to each line segment.


Parameter NameValue TypeDescriptionRequired
StrokeStrokeSpecifies a line symbolization.Yes
ClipBooleanSpecifies whether geometry is clipped to map bounds before rendering or not. Default value is False.No
GeometryExpressionStringSpecifies an expression to compute a geometry to be used in rendering. This parameter is optional. If it is not specified, a default geometry field of a data source is used.No


Stroke defines a set of parameters for graphical symbolization of linear features. The Stroke has the following list of parameters:


Parameter NameValue TypeDescriptionRequired
ColorColorSpecifies a solid color in RGB format. Default value is black.No
DashArraySingle[]Specifies a list of alternating dashes and spaces in a dashed line. Default value is null.No
DashCapDashCapSpecifies the shape type on both ends of each dash in a dashed line. Default value is Round.No
DashOffsetSingleSpecifies the distance in pixels from the start of a line where a dash begins. Default value is 0.No
LineCapLineCapSpecifies the cap style used at the beginning and at the end of a line. Default value is Round.No
LineJoinLineJoinSpecifies how the join between two consecutive lines is drawn. Default value is Round.No
MiterLimitSingleSpecifies a limit on the ratio of the miter length to the width of a stroke. Default value is 4.No
OpacitySingleSpecifies the opacity of the painting operation when the stroke is rendered. The range of values is [0,1], where value 0 - the stroke is transparent, value 1 - the stroke is completely opaque. Default value is 1.No
WidthSingleSpecifies the width (thickness) of a stroke in pixels. Default value is 1.No