A Symbolizer describes how a feature is drawn on a map. The Symbolizer defines both the shape of a geometry and a graphical representation of a feature such as color, opacity, fill pattern, etc.

MapSurfer.NET has 13 different types of symbolizers. They are:


Please note that OpenGIS Symbology Encoding Implementation Specification official supports only LineSymbolizer, PolygonSymbolizer, PointSymbolizer, TextSymbolizer and RasterSymbolizer. All other symbolizers are introduced only in MapSurfer.NET. Therefore, they are not necessarily supported by other mapping toolkits.

Basic parameters

Each symbolizer type in MapSurfer.NET has the following default parameters:

Parameter NameValue TypeDescriptionRequired
AbstractStringAn abstract is a brief summary of the symbolizer.No
NameStringThe name of the symbolizer. Default value is empty string ("").No
EnabledBooleanIndicates whether the symbolizer is considered in styling or not. Default value is True.No