ExtrudedLineSymbolizer is used to represent a face, which is an extruded version of a linear feature.

Parameter NameValue TypeDescriptionRequired
FacesColorColorSpecifies the color of the faces.No
FillOpacitySingleSpecifies the opacity of the faces Default value is 1.No
FrameColorColorSpecifies the color of the frames.No
FrameOpacitySingleSpecifies the opacity of the frames. Default value is 1.No
FrameWidthSingleSpecifies the width of the frames. Default value is 1.No
HeightExpressionStringSpecifies an expression to compute the extrusion of a linear feature.No
ScaleSingleSpecifies the scale of the extrusion. Default value is 1.No
ClipBooleanSpecifies whether geometry is clipped to map bounds before rendering or not. Default value is False.No
GeometryExpressionStringSpecifies an expression to compute a geometry to be used in rendering. This parameter is optional. If it is not specified, a default geometry field of a data source is used.No