CustomValueSymbolizer is a wrapper which is used to evaluate properties of symbolizers in runtime. This symbolizer helps to change those properties that are not defined as expressions. CustomValueSymbolizer has the following parameters:

Parameter NameValue TypeDescriptionRequired
ClipBooleanSpecifies whether geometry is clipped to map bounds before rendering or not. Default value is False.No
GeometryExpressionStringSpecifies an expression to compute a geometry to be used in rendering. This parameter is optional. If it is not specified, a default geometry field of a data source is used.No
InternalSymbolizerSymbolizerSpecifies the symbolizer which property is being customized.Yes
PropertyNameStringSpecifies the symbolizer property to be changed. A property of a complex structure (e.g., Stroke, Fill, etc.) can be accessed by using a dot (.). For example, to access Opacity property of Stroke in LineSymbolizer, we need to use Stroke.Width.Yes
ValueExpressionStringSpecifies the value of the property.Yes

The following example demonstrates how to draw a solid line with variable width taken from a data source.

InternalSymbolizer: LineSymbolizer
PropertyName: Stroke.Width
ValueExpression: [width]