Vector Tiles


Vector tiles spec is an open format designed to deliver spatial data using a tile-based approach. More exactly, each tile consists of a collection of geometric features and their metadata.

There are several services that provide vector tiles for OpenStreetMap data such as Mapbox and Mapzen.


In MapSurfer.NET, VectorTIles data source provider operates with the following configuration parameters:

Parameter NameValue TypeDescriptionRequired
DatasourceStringDetermines an url of a web service that delivers vector tiles. For example:{z}/{x}/{y}.mapbox. One can define a set of urls using the following template: {a,b,c,d}{z}/{x}/{y}.png.Yes
FormatStringThe format of vector tiles. Possible values are Protobuf, GeoJson and TopoJson. Default value is ProtobufNo
ExtentStringExtent of geodata. Default values is "-180, -89, 180, 89".No
LayersStringA comma-separated list of layers to be fetched from tiles.No
ModeStringWorking mode of the data source provider. Possible values are WebService, TileCache and WebServiceAndTileCacheNo
PropertiesStringDetermines a list of properties to be decoded.No
MaxZoomIntegerThe maximum zoom level of data.No
ThreadsNumberIntegerThe number of threads used to process data.No
TileCacheStringDetermines a list of parameters for a local tile cache which is used to store downloaded tiles. This list must contain parameter CacheName, the name-value pairs must be delimited with $;$, where each key and value pair must be delimited with $=$.No


The VectorTiles data source provider also supports tiles encoded in GeoJSON or TopoJSON formats.