PostgreSQL is the world's most advanced object-relational database management system with an emphasis on extensibility and standards-compliance. Among a variety of features, it supports geographic information system data types, such as geometry primitives, spatial operations and indices, etc., through PostGIS extension.

Internally, MapSurfer.NET uses Npgsql data provider to access a PostgreSQL database.


This section describes configuration parameters used in PostGIS data source provider. They are:

Parameter NameValue TypeDescriptionRequired
ConnectionStringDefines the string used to open a PostgreSQL database. Example: Host=localhost;Database=GIS;User ID=postgres;Password=xxx;Port=5432Yes
GeometryColumn (GeometryField)StringDetermines a spatial column that contains data of a spatial data type (e.g., geometry or geography).Yes
QueryStringThe query used to select data from a database.Yes
ExtentStringSets the extent of spatial data in a table. It is used by MapSurfer.NET Studio to speed up Zoom To Layer function.No
SpatialTypePrefixBooleanUses ST_ prefix in queries (for example, ST_XMin instead of XMin). Default value is true.No
UseSTIntersectsBooleanThe provider uses ST_Intersects function to find objects within a bounding box specified in a query. If the value is false then && operator is used. Default value is false.No
SRIDIntegerDefines the spatial reference identifier for a geometry object (see ST_SetSRID function).No
BinaryFormatStringSets the binary format used by Postgresql in data transfer. Possible values are WKB and TWKB. Default value is WKB.No