OpenStreetMap Data


OpenStreetMap (OSM) is a collaborative project to create a free editable map of the world. The initial map data was originally collected by volunteers performing systematic ground surveys using a GPS unit and other devices.

The OSM geospatial data are stored and processed in different formats. Two main formats are:

  • OSM XML – xml-format provided by the API
  • PBF – highly compressed, optimized binary format that uses Google's Protocol Buffers.

There are several servers that provide regularly updated data extracts from OpenStreetMap database such as Geofabrik and Planet OSM


This section describes configuration parameters used in OSM data source provider.

Parameter NameValue TypeDescriptionRequired
FileStringDetermines a path to the the file. The path can also be relative to the directory where map project is stored.Yes
BuildSpatialIndexBooleanDetermines whether a quadtree spatial index is created or not. This index improves the performance of reading data from disk. It requires write permissions to a corresponding folder. Possible values are True or False. Earlier versions also require parameter FileBasedIndex to have the same value.No
TagsFilterStringDetermines a comma-separated list of tags to be considered.No
QueryStringSpecifies a query which is used to filter data before storing it in RAM. Example: [highway] = "motorway" and [highway] = "trunk". For more details, see Expressions.No


For big data sets, it is recommended to utilize more memory-efficient data source providers such as PostGIS/PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Spatial or MySQL Spatial.