MongoDB is a popular document-oriented (NoSQL) database system. Among other features, MongoDB provides a possibility to handle geospatial information. For more details, see Geospatial Indexes and Queries.


In MapSurfer.NET, MongoDB data source provider operates with the following configuration parameters:

Parameter NameValue TypeDescriptionRequired
HostStringDefines the server's host name.Yes
PortIntegerDefines the server's port number. Default value is 27017.No
DatabaseStringSets the optional database name.Yes
UserStringSets the default user name.Yes
PasswordStringSets the default user password.Yes
CollectionStringDefines a collection on the database with a default document type of BsonDocument.Yes
GeometryElementStringSets the value of an element where Geometry is stored. Default value is loc.Yes
QueryStringDefines a query to find all documents in the specified collection that match it. Example: "{ type: "snacks" }"No