GDAL allows reading raster geospatial data formats. The full list of supported formats can found on this page.


In MapSurfer.NET, GDAL data source provider operates with the following configuration parameters:

Parameter NameValue TypeDescriptionRequired
GDALPathStringSpecifies the directory where GDAL is installed.No
CacheSizeIntegerSpecifies the size of the cache in GDAL.No
FileStringSpecifies the path to a file.No
ExtentsStringSpecifies the data extent.No
ResampleAlgorithmStringSpecifies the algorithm which will be used for data re-sampling. Possible values are "nearestneighbour", "bilinear", "cubic", "cubicspline" and "lanczos". Default value is "nearestneighbour".No
TransparentColorStringSpecifies the color in html format for transparent pixels.No
StoreInMemoryStringSpecifies whether the raster image is stored in the memory or not. Default value is False.No
DownsamplingBooleanSpecifies whether the down sampling will be performed or not. Default value is False.No