Release Notes for MapSurfer.NET v2.5.0

24 July, 2016


  • Added: The "Equal Tilde" operator (=~) that allows using regular expressions.
  • Added: New parameter StronglyTypedExpressions.
  • Added: Additional parameters in ColorMap property of RasterSymbolizer. These parameters are DefaultColor, DefaultMode and Epsilon.
  • Added: New halo mode SolidAndBlurred.
  • Added: PointPlacementPriotization property to LabelPlacementSettings which defines a list of preferred placements for point-feature label placement (for example, Imhof's or Yoeli's guidelines).
  • Added: BackgroundDataFetch property in RenderContext.
  • Improved: Performance of the look-up table that resolves coordinate systems by id.
  • Improved: More detailed exception when the layer extent is null.
  • Improved: More detailed exception when a font is not installed.
  • Improved: Improved performance of inserting tiles into an MbTiles database.
  • Fixed: TextSymbolizer doesn't clip geometries.
  • Fixed: Unnecessary line break in PointPlacement when the text block starts with a line feed character '\n'.
  • Fixed: Clipping in LineSymbolizer does not treat Polygons as LineStrings.
  • Fixed: Flipped coordinates (latitude 180 degrees) in geocentric transformation .
  • Upgraded: .NET Framework 4.6 is now required.


  • Added: Support for Tiny well-known binary format in PostGIS plugin.
  • Added: Support for IntegratedSecurity (PostGIS).
  • Fixed: Several bug fixes and improvements in CartoCSS module.
  • Fixed: The combination of characters such as "\n" (two chars) is not considered as a line break.
  • Fixed: OGR plugin crashes when a field with X-coordinate has 'lon' name.
  • Fixed: Multipolygons are missing in OSM plugin.
  • Fixed: Graphic object is not properly positioned when Size property is given.
  • Fixed: Halo is rendered with a dashed stroke (GDI renderer).
  • Fixed: Incorrect rendering of Smooth halo mode (Cairo renderer).
  • Improved: Memory consumption and performance in decoding vector tiles.
  • Improved: Support for more complex queries in PostGIS data provider.
  • Upgraded: System.Data.SQLite library has been upgraded to version 1.0.99.
  • Upgraded: mod_spatialite library has been upgraded to version 4.3.0a.


  • Added: New editor for CartoCSS projects.
  • Added: New dialog that shows details about project loading.
  • Added: Menu item File->Export->Export Map Styles...;
  • Improved: WelcomeScreenForm provides a list of recent projects with preview.
  • Fixed: Application can not be launched by using the newest VC++ Redistributable package v14.0.23918.
  • Fixed: The project name (window title) is taken from a Carto project, not from the file name.
  • Fixed: Fixed a crash when a textbox with latitude/longitude contains an incorrect decimal separator value in GoToLocation form.


  • Upgraded: The installer requires .NET Framework 4.6 to be installed.