Release Notes for MapSurfer.NET v2.3.0

10 October, 2015


  • Improved: Changed the way of how expressions are being compiled and stored.
  • Added: MapContextWaitTimeout property both in WMS and WMTS configuration. This property defines the amount of time a web service will wait for an available MapContext to perform map rendering.
  • Fixed: ImageWriter throws an exception when it is initialized with an empty list of parameters.
  • Fixed: PngImageWriter saves some tiles as 8bit images when Auto-detect option is chosen.
  • Fixed: Previously rendered geographic features persist in a newly generated tile (see issue).
  • Fixed: An exception is thrown when a projection in WKT format has EXTENSION element.
  • Fixed: Map project cannot be loaded if it contains an empty Style element (for example, xml <Style xsi:nil="true" />).
  • Improved: Various minor improvements/changes.



  • Added: An example of configuration for a WMS service.