Release Notes for MapSurfer.NET v2.1.0

25 July, 2015


  • New: Support of SLD styling format.
  • Fixed: Missing text in PeakPointPlacement.
  • Fixed: Crash when default font is missing on Chinese-localized Windows (see issue).
  • Improved: Native libraries (e.g., MapSurfer.Native.xXX.dll) have been rebuilt using Visual C++ Redist 2013.
  • Improved: Some changes in the API, several functions have been moved from Map to RenderContext class.
  • Improved: GeometryExpression property has been removed from RasterSymbolizer.
  • Improved: ASP.NET based mapping service got an implementation of the IRegisteredObject interface to properly work with the hosting environment.


  • Fixed: In MSSQL data source provider, removed unnecessary dbo prefix in a query to get the layer extent.
  • Fixed: Some memory leaks have been eliminated in GDIRenderer.
  • Improved: Excessive caching of GDI objects in GDIRenderer.
  • Improved: Support for views in MSSQL data source provider.


  • New: Export/Import styles in Styled Layer Descriptor (SLD) format.
  • Improved: Re-design of a dialog with statistics of tile cache generation.
  • Fixed: Incorrect format of a message when a data source can not be initialized properly.


  • Fixed: Windows installer was trying to download Visual C++ Redist 2012 instead of Visual C++ Redist 2013.