May 08, 2015


  • Fixed: FeatureOverlapping quality metric throws an exception.
  • Fixed: Missing expiration header in WMTS response has been restored.
  • Fixed: Some performance counters failed to fire.
  • Fixed: Cache of label placements raises an exception when label has an empty string.
  • Fixed: GDAL provider throws NullReferenceException in FeatureFactory.
  • Improved: GraphicTextSymbolizer has been extended with the following placement types: TrapezoidAreaWeightedCenterPolygonPlacement, BBoxCentroidPolygonPlacement, CentroidPolygonPlacement, RandomPointPolygonPlacement and BoxesInsidePolygonPlacement.
  • Fixed NetGraphics32.Native.x64.dll throws TypeInitializationException in debug mode in Visual Studio.