Release Notes for MapSurfer.NET v1.16.0

July 15, 2014


  • Improved a procedure for processing multipolygons in the OSM data source provider.
  • Fixed a bug in image quantization (4bpp format).
  • Improved performance of PluginManager initialization by using caching approach.
  • Fixed a bug of incorrect labelling in tile generation.
  • Fixed ScaleFactor for Stroke's dashes.
  • Further optimizations in the TextBlock calculation code.
  • EnumerateCoordinates function has been introduced in Geometry class.
  • Fixed an issue that ignores opacity of Graphic object in GraphicTextSymbolizer.
  • Improved performance of GridPatternPolygonPlacement for large objects.
  • Added two additional parameters (TagsFilter and Query) to the OSM data source provider.
  • Improved storage efficiency and performance of the OSM data source provider.
  • Fixed a bug in OSM data source provider which was caused by incorrect version of icsharpcode.sharpziplib.dll.
  • Introduced a data source provider for MySQL Spatial Extensions.
  • Improved a method for labeling lines with sharp corners.
  • Performance improvement by reusing cached RenderContext and Bitmap objects.
  • Performance improvement by reusing RenderContext object.
  • Performance improvement through the pooling of Feature
  • Optimized memory allocation in transformation and clipping of geometries.
  • Improved an issue with skipping redundant tiles in the MbTiles storage.
  • Fixed a bug concerning incorrect serialization of PolygonSymbolizer.
  • Improved performance of the image to byte array conversion.
  • Improved performance of the Shape data source (up to 35 % faster).
  • Improved performance and memory consumption of the OSM data source provider.
  • ConcurrentFeatureDataReader is created only once per RenderContext.
  • RenderContext has been made reusable in a web application.
  • Added multi-threaded fetching of features.
  • Improved performance of geometry transformations.
  • Improved performance and memory consumption of the clipping functions.


  • Improved both cold and warm startup time by 15-20%.
  • Added new export function to generate tiles for the MRMap program.