Release Notes for MapSurfer.NET v1.15.0

June 22, 2014


  • Fixed a bug with feature caching and OSM datasource.
  • Improved the performance of DateTime.Now calls.
  • Added CartoDB data provider.
  • Improved performance of the label cache.
  • Fixed a crash when WKB has SRID field.
  • Fixed a bug when Microsoft SQL Server 2008 tries to compute the extent of the data.
  • Fixed a bug when Microsoft SQL Server 2012 raises an exception of missing dbo.GeometryEnvelopeAggregate function.
  • Fixed a crash when the default path to GDAL (%PROGRAMFILES%\GDAL) does not exist.
  • Added SDK samples to the installer.
  • Fixed Convert.XXX functions throw exceptions because of the OS culture. Thanks to freeExec.
  • Fixed a bug of an exception during the initialization of PerformanceCounters in TMS. Thanks to freeExec.
  • Added new parameter to specify InstallPath in web.config. It helps to run a web service without proper installation or having admin rights.
  • Added new renderer based on Cairo library.
  • Fixed a bug with reversing a line direction when PerpendicularOffset > 0.
  • Improved performance of the line breaking algorithm.
  • Improved performance of the retrieving the size a font character.
  • Fixed a bug with PathExceeding parameter in the labeling of linear features.
  • Fixed the problem of missing characters in labels with more than one line.
  • GeoJSON data provider supports Topojson extension.


  • Fixed a crash caused by missing resources during the localization of the TiffImageWriter.
  • Fixed a crash when AzureBlobStorageTileCache is initialized.
  • Added new export vector formats, namely *.svg, *.eps, *.ps, *.pdf.
  • Fixed a bug in the rendering statistics
  • Added Update Checker functionality.
  • Added new statistics metric "Generated Label Placements".
  • Added new statistics metric "Placed Label Placements".
  • Fixed both Google and Nominatim geocoders.
  • Fixed twice repeated initialization of the datasources.