Map Gallery

A collection of maps styled and rendered using MapSurfer.NET.

New Zealand

A map of western part of New Zealand contains relief and bathymetry elements, road network, water bodies. This map is labelled considering cartographic principles formulated by Eduard Imhof.

Islands of New Zealand

This example shows a map lettering feature to label area features (e.g., islands, lakes, glaciers, etc.) externally, outside the boundary of a polygon, in a way of achieving a visual balance between the feature and its name, emphasising their relationship..


The names on this maps are positioned using a comprehensive multi-criteria model for point-feature labelling described in this paper.

Amsterdam and Suburbs

A medium scale map presents the city of Amstardam and its suburbs using a great variety of MapSurfer.NET's features such data filtering, polygon and line drawing, as well as labelling of point-like, linear and area objects.

Street Network in Hamburg

An example of a typical city map containing streets, parks, buildings and POIS.

Wetlands in Russia

An example of using AutoCAD hatch patterns to fill polygons of wetlands.

An Overlay with Hill-shading

This map demonstrates an overlay of road map with hill-shaded layer.

Shaded Relief of Tian Shan Mountain Range

A hill-shaded map generated from a digital elevation model.

Semitransparent Overlay on Top of a Satellite Imagery

The map below presents a hybrid map which is a combination of a satellite image and a semitransparent overlay with roads and labels.

Lighting Map

This map demonstrates an example of using image compositing technique to visualize lighting in OpenStreetMap data. See


Data Sources

  1. OpenStreetMap (OSM).
  2. Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER GDEM2)
  3. Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM)
  4. ETOPO1
  5. GeoNames
  6. GlobCover
  7. NaturalEarthData
  8. Bathymetry