MapSurfer.NET 2.1

July 25, 2015

We are happy to announce about an important release which includes fixes of critical bugs (e.g., memory leaks in GDI+), memory optimizations and introduces a support of SLD styling format. From now on, you can easily export or import map styles written in SLD using MapSurfer.NET Studio (see figures below). This new feature facilitates interaction among other mapping toolkits such as well-known MapServer or GeoServer.

Release Notes


  • New: Support of SLD styling format.
  • Fixed: Missing text in PeakPointPlacement.
  • Fixed: Crash when default font is missing on Chinese-localized Windows (see issue).
  • Improved: Native libraries (e.g., MapSurfer.Native.xXX.dll) have been rebuilt using Visual C++ Redist 2013.
  • Improved: Some changes in the API, several functions have been moved from Map to RenderContext class.
  • Improved: GeometryExpression property has been removed from RasterSymbolizer.
  • Improved: ASP.NET based mapping service got an implementation of the IRegisteredObject interface to properly work with the hosting environment.


  • Fixed: In MSSQL data source provider, removed unnecessary dbo prefix in a query to get the layer extent.
  • Fixed: Some memory leaks have been eliminated in GDIRenderer.
  • Improved: Excessive caching of GDI objects in GDIRenderer.
  • Improved: Support for views in MSSQL data source provider.


  • New: Export/Import styles in Styled Layer Descriptor (SLD) format.
  • Improved: Re-design of a dialog with statistics of tile cache generation.
  • Fixed: Incorrect format of a message when a data source can not be initialized properly.


  • Fixed: Windows installer was trying to download Visual C++ Redist 2012 instead of Visual C++ Redist 2013.


In this release, we also updated three official packages available on NuGet. These packages are:

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