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  • MapSurfer.NET 2.2 is out

    September 6, 2015

    This release is mostly dedicated to a long-expected release of [Npgsql]( library which is used in MapSurfer.NET to communicated with PostgreSQL data bases. The Npgsql Development Team worked hard over a year to completely rewrite the library. The performance boost of a new version 3.0 is just amazing. In order to confirm our statement, we ran some tests on the same data set as we used in [one of our previous blog posts](/blog/benchmarking-mapping-toolkits-in-tile-seeding) (see Test #3). The usage of Npgsql 3.0 gives us the following results:


    As it can be seen from the figure, Npgsql 3.0 is able to significantly speed up the total time of a tile seeding process. The average performance boost is about 200 …