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  • Benchmarking Mapping Toolkits in Tile Seeding

    ## 1. Introduction

    The unprecedented growth of different cartographic web services (Google Maps, Here Maps, Bing Maps, Navteq, Mapbox, CartoDB etc.) and the availability of a huge variety of user-defined maps have rapidly expanded the distribution of maps. The most common way of distributing maps through internet is using a [web map tile service]( (WMTS). WMTS is a standard protocol for serving a set of pre-rendered georeferenced map images, called tiles, over the Internet. The most obvious benefit of a tile based approach is that map tiles can be prepared (rendered) beforehand at any location. Use of tile caches increases the performance and scalability of map services significantly.

    Nowadays, a great variety of software packages for …

  • Bug fixes in version 2.0.3

    June 4, 2015

    This update contains several critical bug fixes. They are:

    • Fixed: ImageQuantizer does not properly save image palette.
    • Fixed: In several datasource providers, GeometryField parameter has been renamed to GeometryColumn.
    • Fixed: Label placement of symbols inside polygons.
    • Improved: PluginManager uses a background thread to load types from assemblies.