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  • MapSurfer.NET update with version 2.0.2

    May 16, 2015

    Two months ago we released a new milestone version 2.0 of MapSurfer.NET. This release introduces a lot new features on which we have been working over the last year. As you might imagine, thousands of lines of code have been rewritten. This amount of changes has lead to new bugs. In this new update 2.0.2 we tried to fix the most critical bugs and other related issues which are listed below:

    Fixed: FeatureOverlapping quality metric throws an exception.

    Fixed: Missing expiration header in WMTS response has been restored.

    Fixed: Some performance counters failed to fire.

    Fixed: Cache of label placements raises an exception when label has an empty string.

    Fixed: GDAL provider throws NullReferenceException in FeatureFactory.

    Improved: GraphicTextSymbolizer has been extended with the …