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  • Announcing MapSurfer.NET v2.4

    December 28, 2015

    We are pleased to announce a new release of MapSurfer.NET

    This release includes about 20 fixes and some new features.

    Below we give a summary of the most significant changes and improvements:

    - New [module]( (available on Github) for reading CartoCSS stylesheets.

    - Several external libraries (e.g., protobuf-net, Newtonsoft.Json, MySql.Data, GDAL, etc.) have been upgraded to the latest versions.

    - Added support for Plate Carree projection (see [EPSG: 32662](

    - Expression language has been enriched by the null-coalescing operator (??).

    - Shape, GeoJson and OSM data source providers support files available through http.

    - Added sharpen image filter.

    - Fixed decoding of complex …