Announcing MapSurfer.NET v2.4

December 28, 2015

We are pleased to announce a new release of MapSurfer.NET This release includes about 20 fixes and some new features. Below we give a summary of the most significant changes and improvements:

  • New module (available on Github) for reading CartoCSS stylesheets.
  • Several external libraries (e.g., protobuf-net, Newtonsoft.Json, MySql.Data, GDAL, etc.) have been upgraded to the latest versions.
  • Added support for Plate Carree projection (see EPSG: 32662).
  • Expression language has been enriched by the null-coalescing operator (??).
  • Shape, GeoJson and OSM data source providers support files available through http.
  • Added sharpen image filter.
  • Fixed decoding of complex geometries in vector tiles.
  • MapSurfer.NET Studio allows generating tiles in high resolution (retina tiles).

For more details about what is new in this release, we refer to the release notes

The new release is available at our download page and at NuGet.

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