• Announcing MapSurfer.NET 2.6

    March 25, 2017

    Today, we are releasing MapSurfer.NET 2.6. This release includes many very important changes and enhancements. We have significantly improved the performance of WKB decoding as well as the performance of some data providers. Furthermore, we have redesigned UI dialogs for configuring data sources, added OracleSpatial provider, changed MySQL provider to support MariaDB, updated some third party libraries and fixed many bugs.

    In our [release notes](, you can read more about what is new in MapSurfer.NET 2.6.

    MapSurfer.NET.Core package has been successfully restored on [NuGet](

    As usually, you can download the latest version of MapSurfer.NET at [Downloads]( …

  • MapSurfer.NET 2.5

    July 24, 2016

    Today, we are excited to announce the release of MapSurfer.NET v.2.5 (beta). This release includes the results of a hard work which have been done over the last seven months.

    This release is a milestone in the project's history. It introduces a bunch of new features that allow to design maps using a powerful stylesheet-like language [CartoCSS]( One of the key goals of this release is to provide a powerful cartographic tool for interchanging and converting map styles from/to different mapping applications, for example [GeoServer](, [Mapnik]( or [MapServer](, etc.

    With support of CartoCSS, MapSurfer.NET Studio can now be considered as an alternative to popular tools such as [TileMill]( …

  • Announcing MapSurfer.NET v2.4

    December 28, 2015

    We are pleased to announce a new release of MapSurfer.NET

    This release includes about 20 fixes and some new features.

    Below we give a summary of the most significant changes and improvements:

    - New [module]( (available on Github) for reading CartoCSS stylesheets.

    - Several external libraries (e.g., protobuf-net, Newtonsoft.Json, MySql.Data, GDAL, etc.) have been upgraded to the latest versions.

    - Added support for Plate Carree projection (see [EPSG: 32662](

    - Expression language has been enriched by the null-coalescing operator (??).

    - Shape, GeoJson and OSM data source providers support files available through http.

    - Added sharpen image filter.

    - Fixed decoding of complex …

  • MapSurfer.NET 2.3 is out

    October 11, 2015

    First of all, this release contains important bug fixes. Furthermore, we optimized the way [expressions]( are stored and processed. As a result, we were able to significantly reduce memory usage by WMS/WMTS services when a large number of map instances are involved. Note, that these improvements introduce some API changes which lead to the incompatibility with previously published versions. Therefore it is highly recommended to upgrade your previous installations.

    Check out our [release notes]( for details about what is new in MapSurfer.NET 2.3.0.

  • MapSurfer.NET 2.2 is out

    September 6, 2015

    This release is mostly dedicated to a long-expected release of [Npgsql]( library which is used in MapSurfer.NET to communicated with PostgreSQL data bases. The Npgsql Development Team worked hard over a year to completely rewrite the library. The performance boost of a new version 3.0 is just amazing. In order to confirm our statement, we ran some tests on the same data set as we used in [one of our previous blog posts](/blog/benchmarking-mapping-toolkits-in-tile-seeding) (see Test #3). The usage of Npgsql 3.0 gives us the following results:


    As it can be seen from the figure, Npgsql 3.0 is able to significantly speed up the total time of a tile seeding process. The average performance boost is about 200 …

  • MapSurfer.NET 2.1

    July 25, 2015

    We are happy to announce about an important release which includes fixes of critical bugs (e.g., memory leaks in GDI+), memory optimizations and introduces a support of [SLD]( styling format. From now on, you can easily export or import map styles written in SLD using MapSurfer.NET Studio (see figures below). This new feature facilitates interaction among other mapping toolkits such as well-known [MapServer]( or [GeoServer](



    ##Release Notes

    ### Core ###

    - **New**: Support of SLD styling format.

    - **Fixed**: Missing text in …

  • Benchmarking Mapping Toolkits in Tile Seeding

    ## 1. Introduction

    The unprecedented growth of different cartographic web services (Google Maps, Here Maps, Bing Maps, Navteq, Mapbox, CartoDB etc.) and the availability of a huge variety of user-defined maps have rapidly expanded the distribution of maps. The most common way of distributing maps through internet is using a [web map tile service]( (WMTS). WMTS is a standard protocol for serving a set of pre-rendered georeferenced map images, called tiles, over the Internet. The most obvious benefit of a tile based approach is that map tiles can be prepared (rendered) beforehand at any location. Use of tile caches increases the performance and scalability of map services significantly.

    Nowadays, a great variety of software packages for …

  • Bug fixes in version 2.0.3

    June 4, 2015

    This update contains several critical bug fixes. They are:

    • Fixed: ImageQuantizer does not properly save image palette.
    • Fixed: In several datasource providers, GeometryField parameter has been renamed to GeometryColumn.
    • Fixed: Label placement of symbols inside polygons.
    • Improved: PluginManager uses a background thread to load types from assemblies.

  • MapSurfer.NET update with version 2.0.2

    May 16, 2015

    Two months ago we released a new milestone version 2.0 of MapSurfer.NET. This release introduces a lot new features on which we have been working over the last year. As you might imagine, thousands of lines of code have been rewritten. This amount of changes has lead to new bugs. In this new update 2.0.2 we tried to fix the most critical bugs and other related issues which are listed below:

    Fixed: FeatureOverlapping quality metric throws an exception.

    Fixed: Missing expiration header in WMTS response has been restored.

    Fixed: Some performance counters failed to fire.

    Fixed: Cache of label placements raises an exception when label has an empty string.

    Fixed: GDAL provider throws NullReferenceException in FeatureFactory.

    Improved: GraphicTextSymbolizer has been extended with the …

  • Documentation for MapSurfer.NET

    March 15, 2015

    Documentation is an important part of any project on the way to success. At the moment, MapSurfer.NET framework lacks any detailed documentation of its components and features. It prevents people, who are interested in good cartography, to use very rich, but hidden features of the framework. We would like to change this situation. Therefore, it was decided to aim our efforts at writing detailed and comprehensible documentation for GIS users as well as for developers. As a result, we published a first portion of documentation on GitHub. This means that from now everybody is welcome to make one's own contribution by writing a new article or correcting an existing one.

    We look forward to seeing an interest in the framework and new commits to the new GitHub repo.