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  • MapSurfer.NET 2.1

    July 25, 2015

    We are happy to announce about an important release which includes fixes of critical bugs (e.g., memory leaks in GDI+), memory optimizations and introduces a support of [SLD]( styling format. From now on, you can easily export or import map styles written in SLD using MapSurfer.NET Studio (see figures below). This new feature facilitates interaction among other mapping toolkits such as well-known [MapServer]( or [GeoServer](



    ##Release Notes

    ### Core ###

    - **New**: Support of SLD styling format.

    - **Fixed**: Missing text in …

  • MapSurfer.NET is now on NuGet

    December 3, 2014

    We are happy to announce that MapSurfer.NET is now available through a source package manager NuGet. It means, you can download and use MapSurfer.NET directly in your favourite IDE, either Visual Studio or Xamarin Studio.

    On NuGet, MapSurfer.NET consists of three packages. They are:

    MapSurfer.NET Core package contains runtime assemblies for the core elements of the framework. This includes map and layer objects, interfaces and classes for data source providers, tile caches, rendering backends, labelling algorithms and many more.

    MapSurfer.NET UI package contains runtime assemblies for developing elements of user interface such as map viewer control, expression editor, etc.

    MapSurfer.NET Samples package includes samples illustrating how to use the framework or how to embed it …