MapSurfer.NET is a free, modern and advanced framework for producing a cartographic product of a high quality. This full featured framework offers a rich set of tools and techniques to automate various cartographic tasks. MapSurfer.NET is designed to be fast and flexible for being used both in desktop and web applications.

  Modern Cartographic Framework

MapSurfer.NET is written in C# and provides the whole power of the .NET Framework to solve labour-intensive and time-consuming cartographic tasks.

  Rich Map Symbology

MapSurfer.NET provides a comprehensive set of elements for map styling which allows you to readily create and control a graphical representation of spatial data.

  Plugin-based Architecture

A powerful plugin architecture makes MapSurfer.NET highly extendible. This allows writing new plugins for different components of the system such as a custom rendering backend, a new image filter, data source or tile cache provider.

  Inspired by Open Standards

The framework is inspired and partially based on OGC Implementation Standards. This fact makes it compliant with world standards and compatibale with other mapping platforms. The framework supports TMS and WMS specifications.

  High Quality Labelling

Built-in labelling engine is a result of a recent scientific research in automated label placement. A suite of sophisticated labelling algorithms aims to produce map lettering of a superior cartographic quality comparable to hand-drawn maps.

  Diverse Data Sources

The framework can handle a great variety of spatial data formats (e.g., Shape files, PostgreSQL, OSM, etc.) or communicate with multiple geo web services (e.g., CartoDB, Mapzen, etc.). Vector, raster or elevation data are supported.

  Easy to Install and Update

MapSurfer.NET is very easy to install. You can use an advanced installer to deploy or update components you need on your machine.

  Map Styles Design Studio

MapSurfer.NET Studio is a destkop application to create and edit map styles in a convenient way. In this application, you can easily perform map generalization, change map symbology, configure labelling settings or uncover problems in styles using a built-in performance profiler.

  Tile Caching

Tile-based maps in MapSurfer.NET are served by using tile caching. Tiled images can be stored in 18 different cache types (e.g., Azure Storage, Memcached, MBTiles, MongoDB, Redis, etc.)